Work by Ann KingstoneThis course will encourage you to explore and create personalised colour palettes with which to design and dye an exciting range of samples using a range of interesting techniques.

Course content

If you are looking for a deeper understanding of dyeing, how to create and plan colourways, develop your own style and try out lots of innovative, fun techniques, you will love this course.

Our week will begin with basic colour sampling, the essentials of colour theory and the fundamentals of dyeing yarns and fibres.  Inspired by your colour palettes you will be putting your knowledge into practice, starting with familiar methods such as immersion dyeing, how to achieve even colours, plan for larger projects and tackle tricky issues like blotchy dyeing.

As the week progresses we’ll move onto an exploration of different techniques, including low water immersion, handpainting and rainbow dyeing, ‘dye on the ball’, speckling, simple self-patterning, ombre, veil dyeing and more.  There will be the opportunity to work with a range of interesting yarns and pre-knitted fabrics (commonly known as ‘sock blanks’).  There will be plenty of time to experiment and explore your favourite techniques.

At the end of the course, you can expect to take home a workbook of samples, hand-dyed yarns and comprehensive handouts for further experimentation at home.  You will dye sufficient yarn to make at least two complete small projects and I’ll have a range of my designer patterns for you to take home to turn your dyed yarns into one-of-a-kind finished items.

Student experience required

No prior dyeing experience is required to enjoy and take away new skills from this course.  More experienced dyers will, however, find plenty to keep them busy!

Tutor profile

With over 25 years dyeing experience and many years teaching, Debbie loves passing on her knowledge to others.  With her gentle encouragement you’ll be enjoying your own dyeing adventures in no time!

Materials/equipment – student to bring

  • Just basic items – gloves, apron, notebook
  • Inspiration materials (postcards, photographs etc.)
  • Participants may (optionally) bring additional fibre/yarns to dye if they wish. For anyone travelling with luggage limits we can provide any items needed.

Materials/equipment – tutor will provide

All dyes, sample cards, dyeing equipment and materials will be provided, along with an exciting selection of fibres and yarns for experimentation during the week.

Additional costs

To cover the cost of all materials, including sample yarn, sample cards and a good range of fibre/yarn for the week, the additional cost will be £50.

Tutor web/blog

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